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Business Card Holder
Elleven™ 22" Duffle Bag
Sports Bag with Embroidery
OGIO® Half Dome Duffel Bag
Columbia Travel Bag
Bullet™ Montana sailor bag
Supreme Weekend Bag
Florida Sports Bag PVC Free
Marksman™ Deluxe Duffel Bag
Basic Sport Bag
900D Weekend/Sports Bag PVC Free
Vancouver Embroidered Travel Bag
Bullet™ Cotton Weekender Duffel
Sailor Bag (Embroidered)
Embroidered Duffel Bag
Fashion Duo Tone Travel Bag
Travel Weekend Bag
Bullet™ Energy Duffel Bag
Bullet™ Goa Sailor Bag
Avenue™ Capitol Duffel
Avenue™ Oxford Weekender Duffel
Field & Co.™ Duffel
Out of stock
Avenue™ Echo Travel Bag
Out of stock
Samsonite® foldable Duffle
Out of stock
Samsonite® foldable Duffle XL
Out of stock
Tranzip Day 53 cm Duffel Bag
Out of stock
Bullet™ Dipp Sailor Bag
Out of stock
Bullet™ Track Sport Duffel
Out of stock
Parkland™ Peak 21.5" duffel bag

Create custom duffle bags and gym bags with your logo or artwork.

Personalised duffle bags are handy and accessible, allowing you to reach your belongings quickly and easily. These versatile embroidered and printed duffle bags are great for gym sessions, sports events, work trips or weekends away. With different strap options and side pockets, it's easy to carry everything with comfort. Plus, your logo will be displayed prominently on the side of the bag for more brand recognition with every use.

How to design your own custom duffle bags

Pick your style

  • Think about how you might use your printed or embroidered duffle bags. Will it be for gym sessions, sporting events or trips away? Choose a bag with the right size and number of compartments to suit your needs.
  • Pick a bag colour that complements your logo.

It's time to customise!

  • Upload your design. These file types work best: .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png and .ppt.
  • Make sure your design is clear and stands out.
  • If you're using any text, make sure the font and text size is easy to read.

Select your decoration

  • Embroidery: Detailed needlework adds texture and vibrancy to your design.
  • Full-colour transfer: Your design is applied directly to the duffle bag with a photo-realistic print.
  • Full-colour inkjet: The dyes and pigments used for your design are absorbed into the fabric of your gym bag.
  • Single-colour print: A great option for giveaways, this gives a painted-on yet durable finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between custom gym bags and duffle bags?

Their names are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between these bags: it's all about the material. Duffle bags took their name from the Belgian city, Duffel, where the thick canvas material was first used to make these cylindrical bags.

Do these custom duffle bags and gym bags come with side pockets?

Yes, we have options with up to 4 side pockets. You can even filter by 'side pockets' to find exactly what you're looking for.

What kind of closure do the bags have?

You have lots of options to choose from, including zippers, buckle straps and pull cords. Filter by 'main compartment closure' to explore the options.

Can I order just one?

There are plenty of options in quantities as low as one. This means you can order the numbers you need without needing to buy in bulk.

Can I customise branded duffle bags?

Yes! You can find customisable duffle bags from a selection of brands. Filter by brand to check out the options.