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Side Pockets
Computer Size
Backpack Strap Type
Shoulder Straps
Backpack Strap Features
Computer Compartment Features
Side Pocket Closure
Carry Handle Features
Main Compartment Closure Feature
Business Card Holder
Elleven™ 22" Duffle Bag
Sports Bag with Embroidery
Avenue™ Echo Travel Bag
OGIO® Half Dome Duffel Bag
Columbia Travel Bag
Bullet™ Cotton Weekender Duffel
Sailor Bag (Embroidered)
Bullet™ Montana sailor bag
Supreme Weekend Bag
Embroidered Duffel Bag
Florida Sports Bag PVC Free
Fashion Duo Tone Travel Bag
900D Weekend/Sports Bag PVC Free
Travel Weekend Bag
Bullet™ Energy Duffel Bag
Bullet™ Goa Sailor Bag
Bullet™ Track Sport Duffel
Bullet™ Dipp Sailor Bag
Avenue™ Capitol Duffel
Marksman™ Deluxe Duffel Bag
Avenue™ Oxford Weekender Duffel
Field & Co.™ Duffel
Basic Sport Bag
Out of stock
Samsonite® foldable Duffle
Out of stock
Samsonite® foldable Duffle XL
Out of stock
Vancouver Embroidered Travel Bag
Out of stock
Canvas Travel/Weekend Bag PVC Free
Out of stock
Tranzip Day 53 cm Duffel Bag
Out of stock
Field & Co.™ Venture 41 cm Duffel Bag