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Sol’s® Buffalo Cap
Sol's® Long Beach Cap
Sol’s® Longchamp Denim Cap
Sol’s® Buzz Cap
Kingcap® Beanie with Brim
Sol’s® Bubble Cap
Kingcap® Classic Beanie
Bullet™ Feniks 5 Panel Cap
Bullet™ Trucker 5 Panel Cap
Elevate™ Level Beanie
Sol’s® Booster Cap
Projob Beanie
Printed Cap
Bullet™ Solaris Kids' Sun Hat
Bullet™ Hades 5 Panel Cap
Projob Lined Beanie
US Basic™ San Diego Cap
Sol’s® Serpico 55
Projob Safety Cap
Bullet™ Hera Sun Visor
Sol’s® Foxy Denim Cap
Sol’s® Bronx
Sol’s® Sunny Kids’ Cap
Elevate™ Caliber Hat
Bullet™ kids 5 Panel Cap
Elevate™ Hale Polylana® Beanie
Elevate Caliber Beanie

Benefits of custom caps and beanies

Hats and beanies are both stylish and functional, making them popular with customers and colleagues alike. Whether it's to keep the sun off your face in summer, or to keep your ears warm in winter, embroidered hats make a great gift. A hat is perfect for any sporting event – when everyone is wearing their own hat, it's obvious who belongs to which team.

How to design a personalised hat

Choose a style

  • Pick a hat colour that stands out against your logo.
  • When you're choosing your custom cap or hat, ask yourself if it's for sport, an event, or as part of a uniform. The answer to this question will determine whether you choose a more formal style, or something more relaxed and comfortable.

Customising your hat

  • Make sure your design is clear and stands out.
  • If you’re adding text, make sure the font is clear and the size is easy to read.
  • You can upload the following file types: .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png and .ppt.

Selecting the right decoration option

A cap or beanie can be customised with a logo in a couple of different ways.

  • Embroidery: A finely stitched logo offers long-lasting colour and texture.
  • Single-colour print: Screen printing involves pushing ink through a woven screen onto the fabric, resulting in a durable design with a 'painted on' feel.

Frequently asked questions

Despite their similar appearances, baseball caps and trucker caps differ mostly in the panels at the back. Trucker caps are designed with mesh panels at the back rather than the traditional four or five panels found on baseball caps. This makes trucker caps particularly breathable.

We offer a wide range of custom hat options with no minimum quantities, which means you can order as few or as many as you need.